Nwebmail is a webmail client written in ANSI C.
    It allows users to check their mail through a webpage.

    Nwebmail is designed to be fast and easy to use.

    Nwebmail accesses the mail spool directly so web page generation is fast. It supports the MIME mail format specified in RFC2045, RFC2046, and RFC2047. Image formats such as image/jpeg or image/gif can be viewed inline directly with the message. Embedded messages such as message/rfc822 or message/digest are all displayed on one page, unlike some other clients that open a new window up for each embedded message (which really gets annoying when there are 20 messages embedded within each other.)

    Users can send/receive attachments just like any other mail client. It has an address book just like all other email clients. Users can export/import address books to/from other email applications. Supported import formats are *.csv and *.ldif. The export format is *.csv.

    Users of neomail will find the interface familiar since I modeled the interface after an older version neomail.

    Things to be implemented in future releases include:

      - Mail folders
      - Support for pop/imap servers instead of just local spool directories
      - A "preview-pane" view using frames

    (for those who can't figure it out...you click on the little picture to make it bigger)

    Login Inbox
    View message Compose message
    Address Book

    Nwebmail is GNU/GPL

    The latest version can be downloaded from Sourceforge


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